Fernando Ligués, resentful with Amelia Bono after his break

Fernando Ligués, resentful with Amelia Bono after his break

The former minister’s daughter is single again, according to the latest information

Amelia Bono is one of the best known faces in the social chronicle, not only for her genealogical tree, but also for her facet as an influencer, who accumulates more than 400,000 followers on her Instagram account, with whom she shares the best moments of her day to day and the successful outfits that she wears.

In addition, the focus recently turned to the ‘it girl’ as a result of her break with Manuel Martos, the one who was her husband for more than ten years and with whom they have four children in common.

Then came her relationship with Fernando Ligues, but according to the latest information, it seems that their romance has not come to fruition.

As this medium has been able to verify, Fernando Ligués has stopped following Amelia Bono on his Instagram account, while she does the same with him.

In addition, the businessman does keep his ‘follow’ to the one who was once his brother-in-law, José Bono, a gesture that suggests that some tense episode has taken place that has led him to break up with Amelia also on social networks.

It is thus intuited that the separation would not have been very friendly, at least on the part of this forty-something-year-old Basque.

Perhaps it is influenced by the fact that, shortly after the separation was announced, some images of the daughter of the former minister with her ex, the father of her children, Manuel Martos. Reconciliation in sight?

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