Leticia Sabater has suffered a tremendous scare while enjoying a few days off in the south of Spain. The singer has gone to a service station in Puerto Banús to fill the tank of her car and, incidentally, clean the vehicle. It was then that, as she was able to find out on the “FormulaTV” portal, a group of men violently robbed her.

Everything has happened while Leticia Sabater was cleaning the windshield of her car. Then, another vehicle with four large men in it has approached her. One of her individuals has approached her to the singer while she was speaking to him in French, and when he had the opportunity to her, he has grabbed her by the neck to later throw her to the ground with a trip.

The robber has used Leticia Sabater’s confusion and fear to steal a watch that she was wearing on her wrist, ” a Rolex, valued at almost 22,000 euros, which has small decorative diamonds ,” clarifies the aforementioned medium. The strange thing about the event is that it took place in broad daylight, around 7:00 p.m. on the afternoon of last Friday, June 24, in full view of the whole world.

The relevant authorities are investigating what happened, using the recordings of the security cameras installed at the service station. As far as Leticia Sabater is concerned, the singer is perfectly fine , despite the scare and small injuries she suffered from her fall. In fact, she will continue her tour of concerts and gigs that she had planned for this summer through the main Spanish nightclubs.

Last May, Leticia Sabater released a new single, just as controversial as the previous ones . Under the title of “La puta ama”, the former presenter talks about her self-esteem and the need to love oneself. “It is the first time that I am naked internally in front of the public, recounting the unpleasant things that happened to me as a child.

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