• Eduardo Mena Guerrero, known as ‘the trainer of the famous’, has died at the age of 56 due to a failure in the aortic vein
  • His great friend David Bisbal has been devastated by this terrible and sudden news
  • Rosa López, David de María or Juan José Padilla were also among his clients

The early death of Eduardo Mena Guerrero , who died in the early hours of this Wednesday shortly after his 56th birthday . Popular for his commendable work as a defenseman in the 1990s, he was now known as ‘the trainer of the famous’ due to the many familiar faces who chose him to get in shape.

His death, as reported by media such as EuropaSur , has been caused by a sudden failure in the aortic vein for which he had to undergo emergency surgery on up to two occasions . Her last operation didn’t top it.

David Bisbal, broken by the death of his personal trainer

Such was the vitality that he showed to his surroundings that his departure has been an absolute shock for everyone. Among them, for his friend and his client David Bisbal , who is devastated right now, trying to assimilate this terrible news that he has been aware of just a few hours ago.

“I know that time will pass and I will continue to not understand that he is not like every day, his laughter, everything,” he wrote through a heartfelt Instagram post that he did not want to accompany any image. “God, I can’t talk , I’ll just sing, I’ll sing as loud as I can so you can hear me wherever you are,” she has promised her.

For the artist, this Wednesday “is not a sad day in which you upload a photo with that person to remember the good times.” Rather, as he has honestly expressed, it is one of those days when “you don’t feel like doing anything because the heart has woken up with one important part less”. Given his condition, even Elena Tablada, his ex-partner and mother of his daughter Ella, wanted to send him encouragement through an Instagram comment.

Eduardo Mena Guerrero, ‘the trainer of the famous’

It is enough to review the networks of both to discover that their friendship has been around for a long time. In that gym that he ran in Almería, the land of David Bisbal, their personal bond began. First as a personal trainer and nutritionist , a job in which he has been one of the best over the last 25 years. Then as a friend.

“In my professional career in the fitness and wellness sector I have trained a multitude of clients. Since then I have been evolving and growing, learning at all times the latest trends and advances in training, always attentive to the new studies”, reads its website.

In addition to the second finalist in the first edition of ‘Operación Triunfo’, his partner Rosa López , also very affected by the news, has also trained with him. What’s more, on his Instagram, Eduardo Mena Guerrero showed his pride in Granada in his effort to stay in shape:

The singer David de María or the bullfighter Juan José Padilla were also part of his pool of clients. All of them will be able to say their last goodbye in La Línea, Cádiz, on the afternoon of this Wednesday, when their wake will take place at the Tanatonio de Servisa.

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