Coinciding with her 29th birthday, Ariana Grande has experienced a new and unpleasant scare. And it is that, according to US media , last Sunday a man managed to sneak into the interior of the mansion that the singer has in Montecito (California), avoiding the strong security measures that surround her.

Luckily, Ariana was not inside the house and the police quickly intervened, going to the scene and arresting him, after the intruder activated the alarm by accident. He is currently being held on charges of various crimes: stalking, breaking and entering, theft, damaging public property, obstruction of justice and violation of a restraining order, although he has pleaded not guilty.

But this intruder is not a stranger to the police, since he is an old stalker of Ariana Grande. Apparently, Aharon Brown has a great record and in September of last year he was arrested after showing up at the singer’s house in Los Angeles with a large knife and threatening her and her security team with death. After this unpleasant episode, a judge issued a restraining order that prohibited him from approaching the pop star.

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