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The reason why Tania Rincón joined “Hoy”

On October 11, Tania Rincón became the official host of the Hoy program , although she had attended the program on different occasions as a guest, she commented that she had promised not to be part of a morning show again , but in an interview she revealed the reason why the one who decided to join the miscellaneous.

It was in a series of questions and answers with the magazine TvyNovelas in which the 34-year-old from Michoacán detailed how she went from being invited to formally being the new member of the program. “I was doing Guerreros and I was very committed to that project; from time to time they called me to be a guest host of Hoy and I was happy. I was happy with the production for always wanting to include me and receive me in a very nice way. Suddenly, before I went to my vacation, the producer Andrea Rodríguez called me to make the proposal that I be a regular host of the morning; I received it with great emotion and joy ”.

“I’m very happy guys. It feels different, before I came as a guest and now, I was creeping in like the humidity and here I am! “,

Said Rincón when she was introduced as a host.

However, the former contestant of Nuestra Belleza México had promised that she would not return to the morning, but revealed that she has felt very comfortable in her brief participations. “I had never sworn to make this formula more, but as they say: ‘Don’t ever say I won’t drink this water, because that’s what you drown from.’ In Hoy there is a great atmosphere, everyone is very professional and that’s why I doubted the offer and accepted ”.

The host also revealed the reason why she had vowed not to do another miscellaneous show. “I had already done it for eight years and I felt that I no longer had much to grow from, I felt like I was stuck, other projects finally arrived that made me evolve, and one has to try other things. I worked a lot on my ego, I told Andrea Rodríguez that I am joining Hoy at a very beautiful moment in my life because I already have a well-worked ego, suddenly I felt in my life that they owed me, but in reality, nobody owed me anything . I come to Hoy not to take away anyone’s place ”.

Sofía Rivera Torres was another of the candidates to be part of the morning, but she explained that she could not reach a salary agreement with Televisa and that is why she was not part of the program.

Through a dynamic of questions and answers that she carried out on her Instagram stories, the announcer answered the doubts of her followers through several videos. One of her followers asked: “ Are you on Hoy, the Televisa program? “To which Sofía replied: ” I was almost there, but no, we didn’t fix it, “ commented the actress and added” What would you think of me being on Hoy? Do you like the idea or don’t you like the idea?

After answering other questions where she was questioned about her attitude, self-esteem and her image, the driver recounted her most recent experience in her professional life, where she was offered very little money for an important position.

“I was looking for some people for a project that really interested me, they looked for me, they told me: ‘We want you in this project, we love you now, almost, almost immediately,’ but they told me: ‘See you tomorrow to talk about money issue . ‘ So I came in and they were offering me peanuts . It was something that I knew, I said to Eduardo: ‘I know they are going to offer me a piece of shit, because they know that I am interested in being there, so if we don’t fix ourselves, we don’t fix ourselves, ‘ “said Sofía.

Although she did not relate this experience to the Televisa program , Sofía could refer to what she had previously commented on the failed agreement to be part of the morning.


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