Miley Cyrus spoke about those who criticize her voice

Miley Cyrus spoke about those who criticize her voice

Miley Cyrus referred to her vocal change and how within the industry she was marginalized for that.

While chatting with Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich for Interview magazine , 28-year-old Miley Cyrus revealed that she “felt free” while performing the band’s iconic hit, Nothing Else Matters , on the tribute album The Metallica Blacklist . “This song means something to me on the deepest level,” shared Miley.

She then explained that she felt freer to experiment because she had recorded it at home during the pandemic, rather than in a studio, where she is often criticized by professionals for her voice, which sounds deeper these days.

“I even went down to some of those octaves, because singing those super low lead vocals is so satisfying,” he said. “My whole life, whether it’s in vocal training or just to keep honing my craft, I’ve always been asked, ‘Why do you sound like a man? Where’s your damn falsetto? Why can’t you sing the high eighth of Party in the USA anymore ? ”Said the singer.

“In this song, I can sing in that low register and I can live in that authentic and genuine sound. My voice is how I represent myself. This is how I express myself. I’ve worked with so many people who tell me: ‘We’re going to have to bring a singer to get to those high places.’ You know, ‘falsetto’ is a Latin term for when a boy goes through puberty, but they still want him to sing in the choir. It means ‘fake,’ ”Miley explained.

“I am who I am. I say what I want to say in the moment, even if that changes tomorrow. I was honored that I didn’t have to sing this song the way women are ‘supposed’ to sing. ”

“You can hear that at the end of the song, when I take off my gloves and start flying. That part of the song really grabs people. It’s that lowest register of my voice. So I’m grateful to have a song that I can support myself on in that. ”


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