No marriage in Hollywood is safe from the threat of divorce? With the COVID-19 pandemic hitting record highs in the celebrity break-up department, even unions that have lasted for decades are now in trouble. But not all stars can blame the lockdown for the dissolution of their long-term relationship.

Ron Perlman surprised fans by announcing his separation from his wife of 38 years, Opal Perlman. The Hellboy Star filed for divorce in November 2019, but was seen with a new flame just days after officially separating from his wife Opal. It seems that Opal took some time during the quarantine to think about her breakup. Now, as of January 2021, he is claiming new accusations against the former Ron.

So why now? Perhaps Ron’s relationship with Startup co-star Allison Dunbar added to Opal’s change of mind. By In Touch Weekly However, the Perlmans are rumored to have been in an open relationship prior to their official divorce, and there are social media posts to prove it. Ron and his daughter Blake were featured on Dunbar’s Instagram in February 2018!

So what does Opal have to say about all this? Keep scrolling to find out!

Ron Perlman’s ex-wife, Opal Perlman, seeks reimbursement for psychological damages

Let’s start from the beginning. Ron Perlman married Opal (née Stone) Perlman on Valentine’s Day in 1981, according to People. The Sons of Anarchy actor and jewelry designer have two children together, daughter Blake and son Brandon. Their last public outing as a couple took place in April 2018; since then, sources say they have lived “very separate lives” while married. According to In Touch Weekly , Ron filed for divorce “out of respect for Opal,” according to an anonymous source.

Opal was even aware of Ron’s burgeoning romance with actress Allison Dunbar. “Ron and Opal have a very long history … but they had moved a long time ago,” continued the source.

Now, Opal is singing a different tune. As of January 26, 2021, Opal is seeking spousal support for her “devastating” experience during her divorce. According to court documents obtained by TMZ , “the stress of [Opal’s] the marriage that ended suddenly after 38 years made her feel extremely depressed and anxious … causing her to need the help of a psychologist to cope.” Opal claims that she hired a life coach who cost her a whopping $ 4,500 a month on top of her therapist bills. he also wants Ron to reimburse him for $ 100,000 for legal fees.

TMZ further reported in October 2020 that Ron is preparing to ask Dunbar the question. Could that be the real reason for Opal’s late introduction?

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