Iconic filmmaker Woody Allen has been married to Soon-Yi Previn for 20 years, which in itself is unusual, because most Hollywood marriages don’t even last half that long. But there are a lot of even stranger aspects to this coupling … and some of them are at least a little unsettling as well. Let’s start with the obvious: Allen is married to his ex-girlfriend’s daughter.

Before dating Allen, actress Mia Farrow and former Andre Previn adopted a Korean daughter named Soon-Yi Previn. After Farrow and Andre separated, Woody Allen dated Farrow from 1980 to 1992. Although Allen and Farrow never lived together or married, they shared a biological child, their son Satchel (now Ronan Farrow), as well as adopted daughter Dylan. Farrow and adopted son Moses. Farrow. Farrow and Allen’s relationship ended when she found out that he was dealing with Soon-Yi Previn, and that is only scratching the surface of Woody Allen’s unusual relationships.

He was married to his first wife while courting his second wife.

Woody Allen was married to Harlene Rosen from 1956 to 1962, and during that time, he met his second wife, actress Louise Lasser, who was seeing a friend of hers when they met. Lasser told Toast that her relationship with Allen developed before she divorced Rosen, and that she and Allen were married “five or six years later.” They were married in 1966, which would mean that they began their affair in 1960 or 1961.

Like Allen’s relationships with the teenagers and his current wife, Soon-Yi Previn, who would later embark, Lasser said Allen would “show me everything he knew.” He also described Allen as “possessive” and said their relationship never really ended until several years after they divorced. «Everything is a bit mean, because you are in those ages that you do not know what is happening anyway. You haven’t joined it yet. We separated. We were living around the corner from each other. I think I’d break down, and then in a very short period of time, we’d bump into each other on the street, and I’d start crying, like, ‘Why did we do that, break up?’ … I was a teenager, things seem so exciting and great and at the same time you don’t know what’s going on.

They are still friendly, and she says she has celebrated Thanksgiving with him and Previn at her house.

His daughter accused him of abusing her.

In 1993, Woody Allen and Mia Farrow’s daughter, Dylan Farrow, then 7 years old, accused the director of abusing her. Allen vehemently denied the allegations, accusing Mia of training Dylan to get revenge on him for his relationship with his adopted daughter, Soon-Yi Previn. The Los Angeles Times reported that law enforcement officers and sexual abuse experts at Yale-New Haven Hospital investigated the allegations. A prosecutor claimed there was “probable cause” to prosecute Allen, but reportedly refused to press charges to save Dylan from the trauma of a trial.

Dylan recalled the allegations again in 2014 in The New York Times and on a CBS this morning sit down in January 2018. Allen released a statement for CBS News in 2018, reaffirming that investigators had “independently concluded that no sexual abuse had ever occurred. . Instead, they found that it was likely that their angry mother had trained a vulnerable child to tell the story during a contentious breakup. She added: “Dylan’s older brother Moses has said that he witnessed his mother doing exactly that: relentlessly training Dylan, trying to tell him that his father was a dangerous sexual predator… I never abused my daughter as all investigations concluded that a quarter of a century ago «.

He says he is an ‘outcast’ of the #MeToo movement

In September 2018, the normally reserved Soon-Yi Previn agreed to participate in a profile written by an admitted admirer and close friend of Woody Allen in New York Vulture magazine . In that article, Previn accused Mia Farrow of abusing her as a child and denied that Woody Allen did anything unpleasant during their courtship. When asked how their relationship started, she said, “I think Woody chased me because that first basketball game turned out to be more interesting and fun than he thought it would be. Mia was always hitting him like a loser. it was.”

Later, Previn added: “We talked a lot and as far as I remember I came home from college on vacation and he showed me a Bergman movie, which I think was The Seventh Seal. But I’m not positive. We talked about it, and it must have been awesome because he kissed me and I think that started. We were like two magnets, very attracted to each other.

Elsewhere in the piece, Previn criticizes Mia and Dylan Farrow’s accusations against her husband, and Allen refers to himself as an “outcast” of the #MeToo movement. Dylan responded with a heated statement reiterating his claims of sexual abuse and adding, in part, “The idea of ​​letting a friend of an alleged predator write a one-sided piece that attacks the credibility of his victim is disgusting.”

He dated a high school student when she was 40

Stacey Nelkin dated Woody Allen when she was a 17-year-old high school student and Allen was 42, but she doesn’t believe their relationship was predatory, and she also vehemently defended Allen against allegations of sexual abuse against him by her daughter Dylan Farrow. . , claiming it was a publicity ploy for Brother Ronan Farrow’s MSNBC show.

“I think Dylan thinks this really happened to her, so she’s clearly in a lot of pain and she’s very worried about it,” Nelkin told HuffPost Live (via The Wrap ) in 2014. “But I decided to speak up because I was so upset about this. and I’ve known Woody for a long time. Before, during this and after all these accusations. She added: “I don’t think this happened and I think she made it up.”

Despite defending Allen against Dylan’s accusations, his position on his relationship with Soon-Yi Previn is less than brilliant. “I think a lot of people, including a lot of my friends and some close family members, fail to make the distinction that a man who likes younger women is not necessarily a man who is going to tease a child,” Nelkin said. “That’s because maybe he had no limits and he went after his girlfriend’s adopted daughter, which, believe me, I think was absolutely horrible … that doesn’t mean he’s a child molester.”

Mariel Hemingway says he tried to seduce her when she was a teenager

Stacey Nelkin wasn’t the only teenager Allen allegedly tried to seduce. Mariel Hemingway, star of the 1979s Manhattan , claimed in her memoirs that Allen tried to woo her when filming ended. In The Sun Rose (via Fox News ), Hemingway claims she was 18 years old (and still embarrassed by all the sexual themes in the movie she had starred in) when Allen asked her to come to Paris with him.

“Our relationship was platonic, but I began to see that he was in love with me, although I dismissed it as the kind of thing that seemed to happen whenever middle-aged men surrounded young women,” he wrote, adding. who told her parents that she wasn’t sure what Allen’s motives were for the trip. “I wasn’t sure if I was going to have my own room. Woody hadn’t said that. He hadn’t even hinted at it. But I wanted them to put their foot down. They did not. They kept cheering me lightly. ”

Hemingway said he realized: “No one was going to have their own room. His plan, such as it was, involved being with me. He told Allen, who was staying in his family’s guest room at the time, that he would not go to Paris with him, and that he allegedly left his family’s home in Idaho via private plane the next morning. .

Allegedly fell in love with a 16-year-old while dating Mia Farrow

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