Christina Aguilera can boast of having a stable and happy personal life. In 2010, while filming the movie Burlesque , she met Matt Rutler and they have not separated since. Four years later they welcomed their first daughter together, Summer Rain Rutler .

Together they have managed to form a united family that also includes the singer’s first child, Max , the result of her marriage to Jordan Bratman that lasted only five years. Now, you can boast that you have an established relationship.

You just have to see how you have congratulated your boy to realize that his is love. “You are simply the best, @m_rutler! Happy birthday ❤ ️ continually impress me with how dedicated, motivated and hardworking you are, while you are a parent and partner delivered, loving and considerate . You always strive to be better and never settle for anything more than that. From being an amazing father to an incredible businessman and forward thinker, you innovate and execute ideas every day, ”he began.

Without a doubt, nice words for the man she shares her life with. But his congratulations have not been there. There was more: “I remember when Masterclass was just a little idea thrown in our backyard. Now that I know and see firsthand the story of how they helped grow it to become the great success that it is, it doesn’t surprise me because I witness the magic behind the machine every day , in every sense of it. what does. From helping to keep the family together to building the successes it achieves ”.

Promise of the future

And to finish with a promise of those that are only made when one is clear that he is with the right person: “I am proud of you and I will always be by your side … encouraging you to continue to shine and succeed in all your wildest dreams. I love you darling. 💋💥🚀 ”.

It is clear that they have a lot of future to share, for now, we have seen a small summary of what they have lived so far in the emotional video that Aguilera has shared of her life together with him.

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