On July 18, 2020, the presenter, actress and comedian Paz Padilla suffered the loss of her husband, Antonio Juan Vidal, after a year battling cancer.

The way in which the comedian has handled the duel has aroused interest, but also criticism. And it is that many have been surprised the naturalness with which the woman from Cádiz talks about death after a process as hard as the one she had to go through.

She speaks of this acceptance in her book “The humor of my life”, in which she reviews her experience and which she has presented in ‘Cuarto Milenio’.

Viewers were surprised by the presence of the comedian in Iker Jiménez’s program, but some aspects of coping with the death of her husband have to do with the world of the unknown.

In an interview with Carmen Porter, Padilla spoke of the branches of the disciplines and branches of knowledge in which he has been interested, such as “neurolinguistics, quantum physics, religion and philosophy.” Now, the comedian values ​​more the words and the power they have to make the other person happy.

“With Antonio I discovered that the only thing that matters in this life is detachment. It doesn’t matter what you accumulate because, when the time comes to die, you have to leave your car, your house and your titles, and you are left only with your conscience, with the love that you have received and with which you leave. Then, for me now everything in life gives me exactly the same”, Confessed Paz Padilla. For the presenter, when she passes away, the house of cards collapses and only if you have a clear conscience “Death is very pleasant, very beautiful and you stop being afraid of what you do not know”.

The history of the voodoo doll

During the interview, there was also time to delve into paranormal issues, such as the day she bought a pudu doll during a trip to Benin with her husband and Jesús Calleja.

Everyone advised her against it, but she a figure of a man and a woman bound, with a trident between them, was brought to Spain and placed on an altar in his house.

On the trip, her husband was already ill, although they still did not know it. Back in Madrid, when Antonio was diagnosed with cancer, an acquaintance of Paz sent her letters and told her that her husband’s illness came from Africa.

At that moment, the woman from Cádiz immediately thought of the voodoo doll that was brought after the filming of ‘Planeta Calleja’.

To cleanse her house from evil spirits, the humorist sprinkled all the objects in her home with water and vinegar and put a glass of brine on the doors of the rooms to exploit the demon. However, there was still to get rid of the doll. For this, the instructions were clear: burn it and cast the ashes far away.

The presenter paid attention, placed it in a basin and set the object on fire. What happened at that time is only known by Paz Padilla, who assures that a “tornado of wind” was formed as the figure burned and the ashes began to fly through the house.

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