Enrique Ponce and Paloma Cuevas will meet again to accompany their young daughter, Bianca, in the celebration of her First Communion, whose date has not been disclosed but everything indicates that it could be next weekend.

The place of celebration will be the Cetrina farm, in the municipality of Navas de San Juan (Jaén), where the family spent the confinement, before making known the relationship of the bullfighter with the Almeria Ana Soria.

Ponce and caves They maintain an excellent relationship, despite their separation, for the sake of their two daughters in common. For this reason, Paloma Cuevas has not minded adjusting the date of Communion to the bullfighter’s agenda, very subject to changes in health restrictions marked by the pandemic.

Like her sister, Bianca will not make communion with the rest of her classmates, who already celebrated it on May 22. She will do it alone, although she has followed the catechesis with the rest of the students, with the school chaplains Don Pablo Moreno and Don Borja de León.

Regarding the decoration of the estate where the liturgy will take place, Paloma Cuevas He has arranged an altar in one of the areas of the garden covered with one of Ponce’s capes embroidered with the Virgin of Guadalupe, the Immaculate and Fallen Jesus. In front of the priest, there will be the white chairs for the guests, where the sister, the grandparents and Enrique have their main place just like the Ponce family.

Who will not be on such a special day will be Ana Soria. The right-hander’s girlfriend is not well received by the Cuevas family and the young woman never questioned or pressed to be in this act.

Those who will not be missing will be Luis Alfonso de Borbón and Margarita Vargas, close friends of Paloma Cuevas, as well as her children. Marriage has been a fundamental support of the businesswoman after their separation last summer. Margarita is also Bianca’s baptismal godmother.

After mass there will be a cocktail served by Vait in the garden. In addition, Enrique Ponce will fight some calves as he did during the communion of his first-born, Paloma.

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