“The scandalous relationship with Michelle Salas would be the first step of the hasty goodbye and the numbers, the second and final, despite the fact that the contract with Alejandro Asensi expired in 2011,” says the book. At that time, Luis Miguel also began to suspect that something was wrong with the management of his finances.

Luis Miguel respected the contract, but stopped talking to him from one day to the next. “Luis Miguel told a close friend of his that his biggest disappointment was verifying the results of an audit he had commissioned.” Yes, the series is not far from reality.

Biographers assure that Alejandro Asensi left in Luis Miguel a deep wound and a grudge he still can’t get over. Whenever they mention it, Luis Miguel says he doesn’t even want to hear about him.

Martinez Polo, great friend and former manager of Micky, says about Asensi: “At the beginning Asensi behaved very well with Luis, it is my personal opinion. Afterwards, the position probably went to his head with what he was earning and he wanted to be like Luis Miguel himself ”.

So, to go everywhere with him and to share practically everything, Asensi changed, especially since Michelle Salas entered the life of Luis Miguel.

“From being a demanding person for the responsibility of the position, he became an explosive, haughty and sarcastic person in many aspects, also with the work team and, even, he had absences and breaches that until that moment he had not had, lacking to established appointments ”.

Luis Miguel and Michelle Salas
Alejandro Asensi, Michelle Salas, Luis Miguel and Alex Basteri in 2008.

The thing escalated even more. In the book it is detailed that Asensi began to sing the songs of Micky in the office and even auditioned and “began to sing the songs [de Luis Miguel] in front of the executives ”, a situation that Luis Miguel it did not seem to him.

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