The last job of María Patiño's actor husband that is sweeping Turkey

The last job of María Patiño’s actor husband that is sweeping Turkey

It is the great unknown for many by decision of Maria Patiño of her own. The collaborator and presenter of Telecinco has never wanted to expose her most intimate and personal facet, although in recent times she has brought to light the name of her husband and partner for fifteen years, love of their life, Ricardo Rodriguez.

Her professional career in the acting guild has supported her for more than twenty years. As a result of the complications that arose during the pandemic, the Venezuelan has recently starred in a spot of nothing more and nothing less than the successful international brand of Coca-Cola.

Patiño’s partner plays a working father who meets his family for Christmas at a stop that is sweeping Turkey. His characteristics and facial features, very typical of this country, fit perfectly with what the public demands for one of the television ads with the most impact on these dates, as you can see in the video.

“We are going to bring all those families together for Christmas and if you can the rest of the year better and if you can even more support, unite, adopt a friend, known or not to that great union, love can do everything,” he wrote together to this announcement that he has published on his official Instagram account.

María Patiño feels great admiration for her partner, husband and life partner. Although both exercise different professions, they support each other in their respective professional decisions and respect each other’s space.

A Ricardo Rodríguez who remains in the background of the media, but that María herself has brought to light on more than one occasion in recent years, sharing images with him of the most special moments.

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