Sonsoles Ónega is one of the best-known faces on the small screen. She started as a reporter for ‘Informativos Telecinco’, although the peak of her career came when she was entrusted with ‘It’s already noon’, the space that she presents from Monday to Friday after ‘The Ana Rosa program’.

But the journalist has not only achieved immense success on television, but also triumphs as a writer and on social media. Only on her Instagram profile does she have over 100,000 followers, with whom she shares the best moments of their day to day, some as intimate as the one she just published.

The image appears to be part of a series of photographs that Sonsoles Ónega has shared on her Instagram account, ‘Abandoned Nights’, in which reflections take the leading role.

Sonsoles Ónega herself has revealed on several occasions that she is completely in love with César Vidal. She is enjoying a sweet moment with him that has made her regain her illusion after a difficult stage in her marriage. “I have discovered another world in love. A mature love, calmer, with less expectations, natural”, confessed before the cameras a most radiant presenter.

Recently, Sonsoles Ónega and César Vidal enjoyed a romantic couple trip to the Canary Islands, accompanied by Alonso Caparrós and his wife Angélica Delgado.

There the two presenters participated in the book fair and signed copies of their respective works, ‘A thousand forbidden kisses’ and ‘A piece of blue sky: the truth about how I lost everything, except hope’.

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