The early years of Miguel Bosé: an Authoritarian father, an overwhelming mother and an ambiguous childhood

The early years of Miguel Bosé: an Authoritarian father, an overwhelming mother and an ambiguous childhood

“The son of captain thunder” is the title of the artist Miguel Bosé‘s memoir which will arrive in bookstores on November 10, as announced this week by the Espasa publishing house, which highlights its ability to “pulverize prejudices ”.

A story that begins, Espasa explains in a statement, like the stories: “Children lost at the mercy of an almighty father, used to his will being the law, and an overwhelming mother of legendary beauty”. They were the famous bullfighter Luis Miguel Dominguín and the actress and model Lucía Bosé.

“Generous and bold as we have never seen him before, the author offers us the lesser-known face of memorable characters, from a Vulnerable and twilight Picasso, to the beautiful and cursed Helmut Berger”, says the publisher, which explains how the reader will attend bullfighting capeas with Sofía Loren and Carlo Ponti, Deborah Kerr, Claudia Cardinale or John Wayne in the story.

He will also meet José Mercè as a child, attend parties with the González Flores family and sail with Romy Schneider herself; according to what they say from Espasa.

And it is that although we believe we know the singer’s entire professional and personal life, these memories promise to surprise the reader and discover details of a still unknown facet of Miguel Bosé.

Was born in panama

Miguel Bosé was born on April 3, 1956 in Panama City, where his parents were for work reasons. Son of one of the most admired couples of the time: the renowned bullfighter Luis Miguel Dominguín, belonging to a family related to the bullfighting tradition, and Italian actress and model Lucía Bosé, winner of Miss Italia in 1947. Both were married in 1955 and only one later their first child in common, Miguel, came to the world.

Although Luis Miguel wanted him to be born in Colombia, the place where the family resided, Bosé went ahead and was born at the San Fernando Hospital Clinic in Panama. He was baptized on July 12 as Luis Miguel González Bosé and his godfather was the filmmaker Luchino Visconti. Later they were born her sisters Lucia, a year later, and Paola in 1960.

“Lonely and hermetic” childhood

The environment in which he grew up marked his life forever. Art and culture flooded his life from childhood, and is that his parents rubbed shoulders with Pablo Picasso and Ernest Hemingway. The painter was a regular in the Dominguín-Bosé house and they even spent the summer at his house on the Côte d’Azur; He was even the one who accompanied him on his first day of school.

Although he confessed that he was a lonely child who grew up surrounded by women, he felt a real weakness for his mother Lucia.

“I have been a difficult mother. I have been a mother, a father and a civil guard. But I have never been the maruja who is always on top and overprotects ”, said the Italian in an interview with Vanity Fair.

Bosé tried to alleviate that “loneliness and secrecy”, as he confessed in several interviews, taking refuge in reading. But not only reading, from an early age he felt the need to develop the artistic potential that he harbored in his veins, so he took dance classes in different schools around the world; although he dreamed of being an oceanographer. That was when he first decided that his stage name would be Miguel Bosé.

Miguel Bosé with his mother, Lucía

Lucía Bosé, her mother, the love of her life

In an interview with Variety, Bosé confessed that “he was a family of strong characters, a bullfighter on one side and my mother’s, all (the weight) of Italian neorealism. Besides the hunts, the parties, the friends, some of these things had an impact on me as a child and I had to absorb them. Nobody bet that a child of figures as large as life, Lucía Bosé, the most beautiful woman in the world, and Luis Miguel Dominguín, the most successful and desired man, could survive all that”.

While his mother was the great love of his life, his relationship with his father was somewhat different. And it is that while the artist came from a much more ambiguous field that harbored a much more open mentality, Luis Miguel Dominguín did not accept that his son wanted to dedicate himself to the world of music.

Not even at first did he look favorably on Miguel’s style of dressing, something he considered too modern. But despite this, years later he understood his son and was proud of him at all times.

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