Why does NASA want to put Wi-Fi on the Moon and when would it arrive?

Why does NASA want to put Wi-Fi on the Moon and when would it arrive?

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) wants to take another step in innovation, and therefore wants to carry out a more than ambitious goal, which is none other than implement a Wi-Fi network on the Moon.

This has been stated in a official statement posted on their website. The objective of connecting to the Internet on the satellite is fight against digital inequality on Earth and specifically, in the United States.

The same statement maintains that at the headquarters of NASA’s Glenn Research Center in Cleveland, it was detected that 31% of the population of the city of the state of Ohio does not have an Internet connection, according to the report of the National Alliance for Digital Inclusion.

With this, it is intended to use the satellite to improve connectivity on Earth. For it, it would be necessary for the satellite to be implanted routers, rovers, landers, and communication links on several poles connected to habitats in the base camp installed on the satellite.

The plan, planned for 2024

This measure obeys the Artemis program developed by NASA itself, which was intended return to the moon with humans in a crew sometime in the 2020s. A plan that started with the Trump administration and that it continues with Biden in the presidency of the United States. The intention is to perform a lunar landing in the year 2024.

On the other hand, a NASA Compass Lab study made a comparison between a lunar surface and an area of ​​Cleveland on how the connection would work with the installation of all the elements mentioned above.

The director of Technological Innovation at Glenn, Mary Lobo, said in said statement that it is “a great opportunity to develop solutions to challenges proposed by the Artemis program “and that would solve connectivity problems in Cleveland.