The anger of Sara Carbonero and Iker Casillas by Kiki Morente:

The anger of Sara Carbonero and Iker Casillas by Kiki Morente: “It felt like a kick”

The footballer would have been upset after a meeting of his ex-wife with the singer

Half a year has passed since Iker Casillas and Sara Carbonero announced their divorce through their social networks, after several months of strong rumors of crisis between them.

Despite the separation, in the statement they made it clear that between them good feelings still existed and that they would remain united forever by the children they have in common.

However, the latest information that has been made public suggests that it may not exist so much cordiality as it has been wanted to reflect. This is what the journalist Jordi Martín assures in ‘Viva la vida’, who has recounted a tense episode that would have occurred.

Months after announcing their separation, Iker Casillas and Sara Carbonero agreed on the wedding of some friends in Valladolid, and although it seemed that their meeting had been cordial, from the space presented by Emma García it has been ensured that there was a moment of tension between them.

But the thing goes further, and it is that Jordi Martín has also revealed that the athlete and the journalist would have had a discussion as a result of her relationship with Kiki Morente.

According to Jordi Martín, the singer would have stayed to sleep one night in the house of La Finca where Sara Carbonero lives and that one day was the family home. Apparently, Iker Casillas found out and did not take it all well, making him see his ex-wife. “It sat him like a kick”, says the journalist in his speech in ‘Viva la vida’.

Now, Iker Casillas can be calm, since the latest information ensures that Kiki Morente and Sara Carbonero have broken up the relationship they supposedly had. Apparently, none of them could have withstood the media pressure that hit them the moment their bond became known.

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