The Mexican Ximena Navarrete said that if they want to have another child, they must make the decision on time and consider undergoing the procedure again.

“Could it happen that I get pregnant naturally? Yes, it could happen, because it happened once, so I got pregnant in my first attempt to have a baby; but, of course, considering our options, I have the ovarian reserve, the time It happens and today’s eggs are always better than tomorrow’s, so that’s my situation, that’s my outlook,” she explained.

“It is not something that I have decided at this time, I will have to talk about it with my husband, but what a patient should expect after having a baby to start with stimulations would have to be between 10 and 11 months. We’ll see what he says. future, because first this baby will have to be born and I will have to learn to be a mother,” she said.

She recently shared that she and her partner Juan Carlos Valladares have already begun the decoration of the baby’s room that they expect for the month of December, according to Ximena in a virtual talk with the infertility expert Aldonza Velez.

For the couple who arrived at the altar in 2018 it has been quite a journey and today they enjoy the stage: “My pregnancy is fine, I’m fine, I’m calm, I don’t have a high-risk pregnancy, or anything like that. So I have been doing my normal life, I am active, I walk, Very happy,” she said.

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