Catalina María del Sagrado Corazón Fernández-Veró Vela was a Mexican television presenter, journalist, producer, and actress.

Talina Fernández did not know she had leukemia; this is how she said goodbye on social networks before her death

The sensitive death of “La Dama del Buen Decir” not only took her followers by surprise, but also her family, since no one knew about her diagnosis.

The Mexican entertainment world is in mourning: host Talina Fernandez died last Wednesday, June 28, 2023, at the age of 78. Although fortunately, as her son Coco Levy described it, it was a “quick and painless” death, it was revealed that she was never aware of her medical diagnosis, causing her last story on social networks to transcend in a big way.

On her Instagram account, the beloved former host of Hoy posted a last message to her fans, as her family and last romantic partner assured: she died without knowing she had leukemia. With the phrase: “Thank you for your messages and prayers”, the celebrity tried to communicate with her followers before undergoing surgery in intensive care and passing away.

In social networks the text has taken great importance and strength, as it is no longer available on her profile, although it has not been 24 hours since it transcended the consummation of her death. “May in peace rest our beloved Lady of Good Saying, always thinking of all those you wanted information, even when it was about her or her personal life, family, environment.” “Even in the last moments thinking of us, great Talina”, can be read on the internet.

Why Talina Fernandez did not know she had leukemia.

According to Coco Levy, her mother began to have discomfort some time ago; however, it was not until five days ago that the Lady of Good Saying arrived at the hospital, as she was in severe pain and discomfort. The first diagnoses pointed to a lack of vitamins, and she believed she had an infection in her teeth.

The driver’s son spoke to the press and said: “Exactly 15 minutes ago my mommy just continued her trip. You know that my mommy always had a journey of love, she was love. She only thought about the good things about people. And that’s how she left, surrounded by all those who love her. Finally she has no pain and she left with a smile and remembering all the people who have given her good things. And may they remember her like that because she has only given good things”.

The Mexican film producer was informed about what was happening, but since she was sedated since she was hospitalized due to the severe pain she was suffering, she was not notified about the terminal leukemia that ended her light in the entertainment industry in Mexico.

What is myeloid leukemia?

Chronic myeloid leukemia (CML) is also known as chronic myelogenous leukemia. This leukemia is a type of cancer that originates in certain blood-producing cells of the bone marrow.

In CML, a genetic change occurs in an early (immature) version of myeloid cells (the cells that produce red blood cells, platelets, and most types of white blood cells (except lymphocytes), notes the American Cancer Society (ACS).

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