Stephanie of Monaco turns 57 today, February 1. The rebellious princess of Europe once again has a greater role in the principality, after the absence of Charlene of Monaco who continues to rehabilitate herself, physically and mentally, in a private clinic in Switzerland.

Her indomitable character and her comings and goings have earned her, fairly or not, the title of rebellious princess, especially due to the inevitable comparisons with her sister Carolina.

Stephanie will celebrate her birthday today with her children, Louis and Pauline Ducruet, aged 27 and 29, as a result of her relationship with the bodyguard Daniel Ducruet, with whom she married a year after the birth of her daughter, and Camile Gottlieb, 23, also daughter of bodyguard Jean Raymond Gottlieb.

Although none of them are in the line of succession to the throne because they were born out of wedlock, they all maintain their institutional agenda alongside Prince Albert. After the divorce from her first husband, in 1996, and breaking off her relationship with Gottlieb, she remarried the Portuguese acrobat Andans López Peres, in 2003.

For years, Princess Stephanie was a fashion icon in her balloon pants, shoulder-pad T-shirts and leather jackets. Much has changed in his life since then. Now she leads a much more solitary and quiet life.

Rainier of Monaco with Princess Grace Kelly and their children Alberto, Estefania and Carolina.

Rainier of Monaco with Princess Grace Kelly and their children Alberto, Estefania and Carolina.

The youngest of the children of Grace Kelly and Rainier of Monaco organizes all kinds of charity events to obtain funds, but it is no longer common to see her at the traditional Rose Dance, in which the entire Grimaildi family stands out for its elegance.

Estefanía has left Haute Couture and has adopted a discreet and sporty style. She maintains her passion for animals and in her spare time takes care of some elephants that she rescued from a zoo and keeps on a farm that the family has in the mountains, near Monte Carlo.

At 57 years old, she seems to have managed to live away from the media spotlight and reconciled with her own past. Gone are her dalliances with fashion, music, design (she even designed bikinis under the “Pool Position” brand) or living in a circus.

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