Google simplifies the command to mute its Assistant. If it talks too much, now just say “Stop”.

Voice digital assistants can be very useful in everyday life. That being said, when used regularly enough, some may quickly find them too verbose.

Fortunately, it is possible, via the settings and other parameters, to reduce the volume of their interventions. But sometimes that’s not enough. Today, Google Assistant simplifies the interruption of its declarations.

Google simplifies the command to mute its Assistant

Google Assistant is perfect if you want to get information like the weather forecast for today or tomorrow, traffic, news, etc. That being said, sometimes the assistant will talk far more than necessary, tell you more than you want, and until now if you wanted to make it stop talking, you had to give it a new command.

Which could be quite tedious and not really natural insofar as you had to say “OK Google, stop”. Strange to say the least, indeed. After all, it’s not the kind of thing you would say to someone naturally to stop them talking. Google is aware of the situation and just recently released an update allowing users to simply say “Stop”.

If he talks too much, now just say “Stop”

This means that if Google Assistant has been off babbling over and over again and you have the information you need, rather than letting it finish or asking it to do something else, you can just say “Stop” and the assistant will stop. speak immediately.

What is strange is that Google has already introduced this feature for timers and other alarms. It’s hard to understand why this only happens now on all the other functions of Google Assistant.

Either way, better late than never. Either way, the next time the Mountain View firm’s assistant talks too much, you’ll know what to do. A simple “Stop” and it will be silent!

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