Fans of Rosalía are in luck, and in the absence of confirming the release date of the third and new album by the Catalan, they finally know that she will be on the cover of ‘Motomami’. The protagonist herself revealed the mystery through her Instagram account.

In this we can see the singer naked, only wearing a motorcycle helmet, along with the following text: “Mother miiiiia here you have the cover of ‘Motomami’ and this Friday guess what new song is coming”. A photograph that has managed to revolutionize social networks, accumulating more than a million and a half ‘likes’.

At the moment, Rosalía has already presented one of the songs that will be included on the album, “La Fama”, a bachata in which The Weeknd collaborates and which in November debuted at number two on the Billboard Hot Latin list in the United States while that in Spain was number one for several weeks.

After “La Fama”, the singer has been revealing small previews of the songs that will make up her “Motomami”. A few days ago, she surprised us by publishing a very brief preview of “Bulerías”, a song that returns to flamenco sounds; even if the most commented advance was the “Hentai”, an indescribable piano song that aroused countless comments and jokes due to its lyrics.

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