The actress, who had been hospitalized for 79 days, suffered complications due to a new bacterium and died on August 31, at the age of 43.

Last Wednesday afternoon, it was announced that Silvina Luna, who had been hospitalized since June 13 at the Italian Hospital, had to be intubated again. Thus, rumors about the future of the actress in the midst of a complex condition began to circulate again.

“The last medical report spoke of encephalopathy of multicausal origin, obviously due to her condition, she is very weak. There is a total secrecy on the part of the family so that no type of information can be disclosed”, they expressed that day in Entrometidos en la tarde (Net), and at the same time they detailed that Silvina was “very skinny and very weak”.

According to what they explained in the show hosted by Carlos Monti: “Official sources are not able to give any information. The other important point they are discussing now is that Silvina is very weak even with kinesiology, even with psychological support, even with nutritionist. She is very weak”.

On Thursday night, after the news of her death was known, Ángel de Brito talked about the difficult decision that his brother Ezequiel had had to make hours before, when the doctors had told him that there was nothing left to do. “It was a very difficult decision that her brother had to make, obviously recommended by the doctors, who on several occasions were asking him, because it was very difficult for the only direct relative that Silvina had, to make the decision about her sister’s life”.

“One is not a doctor and sometimes does not understand that nothing more can be done, that was Silvina’s reality. Nothing was responding,” added the host of the cycle. “The doctors had to explain it to her a couple of times. I didn’t talk about this with Ezequiel, but people close to me told me, because like any of us, at the beginning there is the denial of not wanting to let go and trying to find until the last second some possibility to keep her alive. And of a miracle, too”, De Brito contextualized about the situation that the brother of the former Gran Hermano contestant had to face.

“Yesterday -on Wednesday- when she was intubated, they told her again that there was not much more to do from the medical point of view and that it was very difficult for Silvina to live without being connected to the devices. She finally understood that it was the best thing for her sister to let her go,” described De Brito. “She was very weakened, with new infections. Yesterday they made the decision that finally took place today”, closed his account the LAM host.

As soon as Silvina Luna’s death was announced, her friend Gladys Florimonte told how she found out the news: “I talked to Puchita (friend of the actress who was present at the Italian Hospital) earlier today and she told me that she had already passed away. She was hugging her. She was in tremendous pain”. Between tears, on Intrusos, she said: “She fought until the end. The pain I have… We loved her a lot. We used to get together and we knew with our eyes what we wanted to say. This breaks my soul. I hope justice is done.

“I was in close contact with Puchita, who is like her sister. As she was so weak, I said: ‘Well, maybe we’ll see her’, but you don’t know. But you don’t know. Maybe you could get in and give her a virus. The last time I saw her, we were going to meet Flor, we were going to have dinner, and in the end we couldn’t,” the actress lamented.

Silvina Luna died this Thursday at the age of 43 at the Hospital Italiano, where she had been hospitalized since June 13. The model suffered from acute renal failure as a result of a malpractice in a cosmetic operation performed by Dr. Aníbal Lotocki in 2011 and was awaiting a kidney transplant, which was delayed after she contracted a bacterium that led to her hospitalization for two and a half months.

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