New details with which the iPhone camera will improve via software and not via hardware.

It’s obvious that if you want to take the best pictures with an iPhone, you should have a Pro model as recent as possible. But let’s not underestimate what a software update can do: a new version of the system with improvements can make our photos better without having to renew the phone or use accessories.

iOS 17 is going to bring several of these improvements, which will apply both to how we take photos and what we can do with them from other apps. Let’s take a look at some examples that will surely make you want to upgrade from iOS 16 from day one.

Improved recognition of elements in photos

That the iPhone is able to recognize the people you photograph is already an old feature. iOS 17 will recognize pets, places or even objects like the plate of food that you can see in the image above. You will even be able to look up information by simply holding down your finger on the image.

Improved camera leveler

We still have the grid option to be able to take pictures without them being too crooked, but from iOS 17 we will also have a level that will show an additional line in the center. If that line is yellow it will mean that the photo is horizontally aligned.

Editor with improved filters

The interface for applying the predefined camera filters in iOS 17 has been simplified to be more recognizable. In addition, the filters offered by the system to enhance the coloring of our photos will offer better results.

Live Stickers: stickers come to life

iOS 17 will not only allow you to generate stickers from photos: Live Photos will now serve as the basis for creating animated stickers in motion with the same ease of holding down your finger on an object. One of the best examples of how artificial intelligence is transparently applied in this type of novelty.

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