The former Gran Hermano died at the age of 43 after spending 79 days hospitalized in the Italian Hospital.

Silvina Luna was hospitalized for 79 days and clung to life. Her health condition was very delicate, after contracting a bacterium that complicated her hypercalcemia and renal insufficiency detected in 2013, as a consequence of a surgical intervention performed by doctor Aníbal Lotocki. This Thursday, August 31, unfortunately, he died. In the midst of great pain, two of her closest friends, María Eugenia Orellana and Analía Reina, in a conversation with A la Barbarossa (Telefe) revealed how her last moments of life were and the special request she made to them.

Silvina Luna

Silvina Luna’s family asked to clarify certain information that is circulating about her hospitalization
(Source: Instagram/@silvinalunaoficial)

In 2010 Silvina Luna underwent a cosmetic surgery to increase her buttocks with the “celebrity doctor”, Aníbal Lotocki, who placed a substance that was later found to be toxic. Three years later she began to have health problems and was diagnosed with hypercalcemia and renal failure, which put her on a long road in search of improvement. She denounced the doctor for malpractice and was joined by claims from Gabriela Trenchi, Stefanía Xipolitakis and Pamela Sosa. He was sentenced in February 2022 to four years in prison and five years of disqualification for “minor injuries” to four patients. He is still at liberty.

In the midst of the great pain caused by the news of Silvina Luna’s death, the request for Justice was rekindled, as she had raised it every time she could. “It is what we are all looking for. It is a painful moment for all of us, but she left us a great teaching and messages. We want to honor her with a lot of love and fight for something she had been fighting for”, said María Eugenia Orellana, a close friend of the actress, in the last hours in A la Barbarosa.

In this line, she assured that in the last days Luna talked to her intimate environment to ask them to accompany her brother, Ezequiel, her great support and partner. “He spoke to us a lot about not leaving him alone. We felt that at some point he was preparing all of us”, said the woman, who pointed out that in the last days she had been feeling down and that “she gave everything” because she wanted to live.

However, the days of hospitalization passed with relapses, until the day of her death. “She looked at us and told us ‘I’m having a hard time’,” revealed her other friend, Analía, who also pointed out that when she felt that she could not give any more, she told her that she “wanted to transcend”.

As on all the days she was admitted to the Italian Hospital, her closest friends were with her when she was given the last goodbye, after being disconnected from mechanical assistance. “It was hard, but it was a decision made by her brother, who was her angel,” she said.

Regarding Silvina’s last minutes of life, he detailed: “Her farewell was beautiful, within the pain we felt, because she was surrounded by all her friends and her brother. Everyone was touching her, giving her love, giving her mantras, telling her that everything was fine and little by little they took her off assistance. And she was surrounded by love, she left with us there”. She also pointed out that there will not be a wake ceremony, as she would not have liked it.

Currently, the Justice has requested to preserve the body of the actress in order to perform an autopsy for the future judicial process to determine the guilt of Aníbal Lotocki in this tragic end. For this reason, the burial that was to take place this Friday was suspended.

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