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Shania Twain opened up about being sexually abused by her stepfather when she was a child

During an interview on the Today Show, singer-songwriter Shania Twain explained that she was abused by her stepfather, which caused her to feel ashamed of her body.

Singer Shania Twain, 57, has spoken about the sexual abuse she experienced when she was a child.

During an interview on the Today Show, the singer-songwriter explained that her abuse was committed by her stepfather, which caused her to feel ashamed of her body.

“I was abused as a child. My stepfather would pet me and make me go shirtless and I was already growing up. I felt a horrible desire to escape and stop being in my own skin,” Shania recalled.

Regarding this fact, the interpreter of “Man! I Feel Like A Woman!” She said that she has already overcome the difficulties that she went through and that she tries to show her self-confidence.

“I love who I am. I am my own royalty. I am my boss and I am responsible for the decisions I make, for what I say, for what I do. It’s a statement of self-confidence that I’ve become more of in recent years.”

The singer confessed that after her abuse, she had to learn to block her thoughts because she felt insecurities with her body.

“Going through all those hardships makes you stronger. What you survive makes you stronger, but on the other hand you develop insecurities.

“I feel like sexual abuse goes hand in hand with physical and psychological abuse when it’s someone you know. And I learned to block it,” Twain said.

As part of overcoming the past, Shania Twain posed naked for the cover of her new album “Queen Of Me”.

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