This is the time you should eat breakfast to lose weight

This is the time you should eat breakfast to lose weight

According to a professor of genetic epidemiology, we currently eat dinner later, so it is advisable to delay breakfast the next day

Establishing a schedule is necessary to organize ourselves and carry out our daily activities, but the clock also governs a large part of our biological functioning, since we have something called a circadian rhythm that depends on sunlight.

On the subject, a professor of genetic epidemiology at Imperial College London, Tim Spector, explained the relationship between dinner and breakfast and the importance of establishing a time for the first meal of the day.

On the subject, the expert indicated that currently, people usually eat dinner in the last hours of the day, so it is recommended that the next day, the first strong meal, that is, breakfast, take place after 11 a.m. in the morning, which will bring us benefits if what we want is to lose weight.

For Spector, this habit is healthier for metabolism and weight loss, since following the strategy for a few months could help people lose between 2 and 5 kilos.

“A breakfast at 11 am is the only way to achieve 14 hours of fasting,” said the epidemiologist.

“There are still people, particularly in the north of England, who eat earlier, but in general we have moved towards continental eating habits, dining much later like people in Spain and Italy,” he added.

This schedule is modified depending on the time when you finish eating. This is why he pointed out that the perfect time to lose weight can “move” and get closer to noon (breakfast becomes brunch) in those countries where dinner is finished at 10 at night, as is the case in Latin America. .