The actor Sebastián Ligarde revealed that after several weeks of anguish he had already undergone surgery in which the largest tumor that was detected in his colon was removed

Last October, the actor Sebastián Ligarde revealed that during a series of studies that were carried out routinely, two tumors were detected in his colon, but one of them had already been removed; however, an operation was still pending to remove the second and largest.

After several weeks of anguish, the surgery was already performed and it was a complete success. This was revealed for the program “Ventaneando” by the actor who is remembered for his villain character in the telenovela “Quinceañera”, who was grateful for the signs of affection that he has received after announcing his condition.

“First of all, I want to thank the entire public for so many demonstrations of love and support. I want to tell you that I fully believe in collective prayer because the power of prayer was incredible in this process of mine, ”he expressed in an audio.

He explained that, after several months in which he was waiting for a diagnosis, the medical procedure in which the lesion was removed had already been carried out, so it only remains to wait a few more days to know the results of the analyzes in which he will confirm that It is a benign tumor.

“Yesterday it was finally possible to remove it without compromising the cecum or the colon, which was the only concern, that when removing it, a piece of intestine, cecum or colon had to be removed and thank God everything went without complications and now nothing more to wait for the result of the pathology that will be 5 to 7 days. Thank you for his prayers, they were heard. Waiting for the next results that I know will be good, “added the 68-year-old actor.

Previously, the actor had been concerned about his health and, moved to tears, confessed that it has been a complicated stage.

“Even though it hurts to get out of bed sometimes, you have to do it. This has been the greatest lesson for me learned in these four months of a lot of psychological, physical and all kinds of pain“, and shared that during this life test he has been accompanied by his son and her husband, Jorge López Lira, with whom married in 2014.

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