Order prohibits Clean Elections USA members from carrying weapons or wearing bulletproof vests within 250 feet of mailboxes

A federal judge in Phoenix issued a restraining order Tuesday night against a group that has been photographing and recording voters as they cast ballots for the November election at drop boxes in Arizona, according to NBC News.

The order, issued by District Judge Michael Liburdi, prohibits Clean Elections USA from “openly” carrying weapons or “visibly wearing bulletproof vests” within 250 feet of drop boxes. Liburdi’s order also prohibits members of the group from taking photos, recording, following or yelling at voters within 75 feet of drop box locations.

In addition, the judge said: “It is not always illegal to deposit multiple ballots in a ballot box. It is legal to deposit the ballot of a family member, household member or person for whom you are the caretaker”, referring to messages published by the founder of the group, Melody Jennings, on her account of Truth Social, the networking platform former President Donald Trump’s social

The group and its founder were accused of “intimidating and harassing” voters as they dropped off their ballots in Maricopa County. The lawsuit was filed by the Arizona Alliance for Retired Americans and Voto Latino.

Attorney General Merrick Garland promised at a news conference that the Justice Department will fight voter intimidation “the Justice Department has an obligation to ensure a free and fair vote for all who are qualified to vote and will not allow voters are intimidated.”

Recently, 10 cases of alleged voter intimidation at drop box locations in Arizona were referred to the Justice Department for prosecution, after witnesses reported that numerous people, some armed and wearing “camouflage clothing,” filmed and photographed voters. when they returned their ballots.

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