The adoption rate of iOS 15 is lower than previous versions but still quite respectable

With each new major version of iOS, the trade press is closely interested in the adoption rate of said update. This metric corresponds to the share of the fleet of compatible iOS machines that have actually installed the version after a certain period of time after publication of the update.

This allows us to draw some often interesting lessons. What about iOS 15 so far?

IOS 15 adoption rate is lower than previous versions

A few months ago, the Cupertino company released its last major version of iOS to date, iOS 15. One of the advantages that Apple has undeniably over Android smartphone manufacturers is that the adoption of iOS updates are extremely fast.

While this holds true with iOS 15, it turns out that adoption of this particular version is much slower than previous versions.

In any case, this is what emerges from the Mixpanel data. According to this specialist company, as of December 20, 2021, 65.3% of compatible Apple-branded devices were running iOS 15.

This may seem like a high number, and it is indeed compared to Android, but if the we compare compared to iOS 14, over a similar window of time, iOS 14 was already installed on 80.9% of iPhones.

but still quite respectable

What is interesting here, and to say the least astonishing, is that on the last three major updates of iOS, the Cupertino company has never removed old iPhones from its list of compatible devices.

This means that, since iOS 13, devices like the iPhone 6s have always been supported until now, which means more and more users can take advantage of this new update.

That being said, it is possible that over the years, with the various and often frequent bugs discovered within days of the updates being released, iOS users have become somewhat more wary and are refraining from installing the updates a few days after their availability, preferring to wait a bit for the first feedback and other possible corrective versions.

Either way, 65% is quite a respectable score in those few months. Admittedly, it is not as high as it could have been, but it should climb quickly, for sure, during the year 2022.

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