It seems that the return to the journalistic arena, even putting herself at the head of her own radio talk show, has not completely satiated the labor appetite of the journalist that Sara Carbonero has inside.

At least this is demonstrated by her participation in “The bad guys”, the new animated film from DreamWorks and Universal which premieres this Friday and in which the presenter gives voice to Tiffany Peluchi, a pure street reporter who, of course, has made her relive that part of her life:

“It reminded me of a wonderful time, covering the World Cup, the Euro and many guards in the sports city. It was very cool to remember that part of my professional experience“, explains Carbonero, who in the film is actually the news engine to follow the plot of good-hearted villains.

“I fell in love with my character from the beginning, when I saw her with a microphone in hand and with such a powerful attitude. Now that I’m on the radio certainly was like rejuvenating. My character is a teenager, almost a girl, which led me to change my voice register a lot and sharpen it”, she adds about a job that is not exempt from controversy on networks, where she was harshly criticized when her election was announced, as it was about a dubbing neophyte.

Not so, at least technically, in the cinema, where she already made a journalistic cameo in “Friends”, from 2011 and together with Ernesto Alterio.

“I had a lot of fun and, above all, I have learned a lot about the trade in the studio. Introducing myself to dubbing and getting to know my character, hand in hand with the director. And on top of that, the film itself is very funny. From 0 to 10? A 10. If they call me, I would repeat“, Carbonero responds to GLM sitting next to Santi Millán, who plays Mr. Shark in the film:

“I would only give myself a five, but not because I had a bad time, but because it is the most I aspired to in the cole”, joked the also presenter.

My Favorite Villain

In the gang of “The bad guys”, the one with the big bad wolf, the snake, the tarantula and the piranha, where the voices of Joaquín Reyes or Pedro Alonso are also passed, there is room for an interesting reflection on the greys, beyond of what it means to be good or to be bad:

“I consider myself part of that grey. And I want to think that, even so, I’m good too. I don’t believe in the good guys always good or the bad guys always bad. It is shown in the film, because whether or not we always have a good background our circumstances come into play when it comes to acting. And from there we evolve in life. I think I am a good person. Or is what I like to think. Bad people, people with hate, I don’t like. That was always out,” confesses a Carbonero who, from the facet of her mother, appeals to families to fill the theaters again, with a film in which fans of classic robbery films can also be found.

Before signing off, mentioning Angelina Jolie’s Maleficent as her favorite villain, the journalist remembers the most mythical role of Rebecca De Mornay: “On a more dramatic level, I’m fascinated by the nanny in ‘The Hand That Rocks the Cradle’ because of how twisted she can be.”

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