Elden Ring, how to duplicate memories of bosses

Elden Ring, how to duplicate memories of bosses

Did you know you can duplicate memories in Elden Ring? This gameplay mechanic is quite obscure, like many in From Software’s latest game (who said “in ALL studio games”?), and we’ll explain what it’s all about in our full Elden Ring guide.

Some mysteries are quite difficult to figure out on your own in Elden Ring. This is particularly the case for the duplication of memories. So don’t hesitate to collect enough runes to be able to exchange memories, and thus prepare your arrival in New Game Plus as well as possible!

What are memories for?

First of all, a little reminder. By killing certain bosses, you will recover their souvenir. This can then be redeemed at of One to Round Table Stronghold. But the catch is that each memory gives you a choice of two items, but you can only choose one, unless you find a way to get a second memory. And that’s good, it’s possible!

However, it will be limited to a few, so you will have to make your choice! For the rest, we explain how to proceed.

To unlock your memories, you will have to find traveling mausoleums ! These are shaped like gigantic rock creatures, with a structure on their backs.

However, they will have to be stopped! To do this, you will have to tap on the white spots on the legs of the mausoleums. They will then end up falling each time, and let you access the building on their backs.

Once inside, interact with the lying corpse, and choose the memory to duplicate. There it’s done ! Note that there are 7 mausoleums in the game, so you can duplicate 7 souvenirs per game! If you want to duplicate others, you will have to switch to new game plus.

And if you want to find all 7 mausoleums, follow our guide on where to find the walking mausoleums in Elden Ring!

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