Everything points to what the war between Rosa Benito and Rocío Carrasco could be about to come to an end, at least as far as Alicante is concerned. After years of distancing, the tertullian has starred several samples of approach towards her niece in the last days, building bridges and opening doors.

The most recent took place on the afternoon of December 17, in ‘It’s already eight’, when the journalist Marta Riesco explained the cause that Antonio David Flores keeps open against his ex-wife as a result of the non-payment of his son David’s pension, of legal age but dependent on economic matters.

For her part, the journalist has made him see that she was not blaming anyone, but was limiting herself to describing some objective facts whose legal process is still open.

Somewhat calmer, Rosa Benito has reflected and reached the conclusion that “the fault is of both, the father and the mother, for not paying what they owe, and the only victim is david”.

Reconciliation in sight?

But Rosa Benito has not been the only one to show certain predisposition when it comes to reconciling with her niece Rocío Carrasco. Instead, Gloria Camila has done the same from her job at ‘It’s eight o’clock.’ The young woman, although she considers that “I don’t have to pick up a phone or take the first step to explain”, she assures that she is willing to listen to her sister if she decides to contact her.

Gloria Camila in 'It's already eight'.

Gloria Camila in ‘It’s already eight’.

In addition, although Gloria Camila denied Rocío Carrasco years ago and publicly referred to her by her own name, in recent days has addressed her as “my sister”, one more sample, perhaps unconscious, that she leaves the door open to a reconciliation.

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