The Huawei P50 Pocket is revealed in pictures. A new smartphone with a folding screen for the Chinese brand

If smartphones with foldable screens are still looking for themselves and have not really found their audience, several manufacturers are already in this market and many others are working on one or more devices of this kind.

Among these, how not to mention Chinese Huawei ? Today, the giant unveils a very promising new model, the Huawei P50 Pocket.

The Huawei P50 Pocket is revealed in pictures

Huawei is no stranger when it comes to smartphones with foldable screens. The brand has already released three different models in recent years, the Mate X, Mate Xs and Mate X2, the latter dating from February.

These three smartphones are very similar to the Samsung Galaxy Fold in that they are devices that fold vertically and are the size of a small tablet when unfolded.

Recently, however, Huawei has started unveiling a smartphone with a different foldable display, more similar to the Samsung Galaxy Flip. Today, a decidedly “fashion” snapshot published in Harper’s Bazaar China reveals what this device looks like.

A new smartphone with a folding screen for the Chinese brand

The model, called Huawei P50 Pocket, is well highlighted in pictures with Chinese actress and singer Guan Xiaotong. The smartphone seems rather large, if we looked at the photos posted on Weibo, with a circular external screen that can show the time, notifications and a preview of what you capture with the camera if the phone is folded.

This external screen of the P50 Pocket is located right next to the photo module, moreover, and according to Engadget Chinese, the fingerprint reader is integrated into the edges of the device.

The version pictured in Harper’s Bazaar is gold, with a pattern that may make you think of leaves, but Huawei’s teaser also shows a silver variant with a diamond pattern. In other words, there could be different, but very “stylish” choices.

Huawei will formalize its P50 Pocket on December 23. To be continued !

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