Spanish soccer player Gerard Piqué has threatened to take legal action against the media, who have taken a special interest in the athlete’s life since his breakup with Colombian singer Shakira.

In the legal statement published by his legal team, Piqué asked that his privacy be respected, criticizing certain national and international media and the harassment of the paparazzi towards him and his family.

After facing rumors of infidelity with Shakira, with whom he shares two children, the soccer player was again targeted by the media after making his public romance with Clara Chia Marti at a friend’s wedding.

For her part, Shakira is still facing the courts for a tax fraud case in Spain, and has divided her time between Europe and the United States with her two children, Milan and Sasha, in recent months.

Gerard Piqué’s statement to the media

“Since Shakira and Gerard Piqué confirmed their separation in a joint statement on June 4, various rumors and unverified information about the player, his family and his personal life have been published and, therefore, private.

These reports and images not only damage his honor and image, but also seriously harm the rights of his children, whose safety and protection are his primary concern.

The surveillance by some media and paparazzi has been continuous, forcing our client to alter his daily routine with the sole purpose of protecting his children, his family and those close to him.

Gerard Piqué has always respected the activity of the media and their right to publish information, and is fully aware of the fundamental role that the media plays in our society.

However, in recent weeks there have been intrusions that go beyond the limits of legality, for which our client has been forced to request restraining orders and take legal action against those who are disturbing his family life and violating the rights of their children, since the only objective of Gerard Piqué is to ensure their well-being and restore their rights to privacy, security and tranquility.

Our client, through this press release, wants to thank the respect and informative rigor that some media have shown and trusts that everything will be resolved in the best possible way, prioritizing common sense”.

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