Pamela Anderson, as we previously told you here on Mashable, told Entertainment Weekly , through an anonymous source, that she would never watch the Pam & Tommy TV series , let alone the trailer.

Pam & Tommy , now airing in Italy on Disney +, tells the story of the sex tape that was stolen in the mid-90s from Pamela Anderson (played by Lily James) and then-husband Tommy Lee, iconic drummer of Mötley Crue ( Sebastian Stan), and then released globally without their consent.

‘Pam & Tommy’ tells of a traumatic theft for Pamela Anderson

The reason for Pamela Anderson ‘s refusal to follow or collaborate with the TV series derives from the fact that, as she told through an intermediate source on ET , the story is still “very painful” for her.

In fact, in addition to theft, at the base of the story there is the theme of consent , of which Pamela Anderson has been expropriated. In fact, despite having tracked down and denounced the thief of the VHS (played by Seth Rogen) with the then husband Tommy Lee, they have not received any kind of justice.

The actress , whose body has been “shared” as slaughter fodder with the world, not only has not gained anything from the affair in economic terms, but has not even been able to make up for it in the lawsuit against Bob Guccione, patron of Penthouse who published the images taken from the video, “stealing” them in turn from the sex tape that circulated without any consent from the couple.

Pamela Anderson didn’t want to have her say

A similar story seems unthinkable in 2022: in the 90s, however, the internet was still unexplored territory, a fertile place for scams and for what today would be defined as revenge porn crimes.

The actress struggled alone, while experiencing her first pregnancy, with a husband beside her who did not understand the personal damage caused by the theft, and without the visibility of social media, which would have allowed her to get to the bottom of the resolution of the case.

Pamela Anderson’s “public ownership” body

In 2015, about 20 years after the sex tape incident , Pamela Anderson , host of Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live , said: “I’m not going back to court, I don’t want to file testimony for these absurd, horny lawyers.”

Entertainment Weekly ‘s anonymous source said Anderson at the time felt as if she had lost control of her image and her body had been declared “public property” without her consent.

The Pam & Tommy team tried to make contact with the Baywatch star , but she refused to meet them.

The answer with a documentary

It’s official: Netflix and Pamela Anderson herself confirmed it on Instagram: a documentary will be released that tells the details of the star’s private and working life, “as she prepares for the next steps of her journey”: the actress and activist, at currently, she is involved with the Pamela Anderson Foundation, which deals with animal, environmental and human rights.

In the post, Pamela Anderson proposes with an enthusiastic and handwritten note to tell Netflix “the true story” of the sex tape, defining herself “not a victim, but a survivor”.

Netflix adds that on the show we will discover not only the life of the star, but also never-before-seen archival footage, and even the personal diaries of Baywatch ‘s most beloved actress.

The documentary will be an intimate portrait

The direction of the documentary on Pamela Anderson , “an intimate portrait” of her life, will be by Ryan White, who for Netflix in 2017 shot The Keepers , the famous seven-episode docuseries on the unsolved case of the murder of the teacher and nun Catherine Cesnik in Baltimore.

Directed by a critically acclaimed documentary maker, Pamela Anderson will probably be able to tell not only her life in her own tones (unlike the flamboyant ones that have always been attributed to her), but also her version of the facts about the case . sex tape that never did her justice.

Although the TV series Pam & Tommy did not receive the approval of Pamela Anderson (as it was loosely based on an article in the American edition of Rolling Stone in 2014), the director empathized with the actress’s difficulty in dealing with a problem alone. predominantly male-dominated legal, media and social system, making her exhausted and pregnant character say, after losing the case:

“They can’t tell the real reason. That I have no right. Because I spent my public life in a bathing suit, because I had the courage to pose for Playboy: they can’t say the word bitch, which is what this verdict says about me, in case you’re not clear. They can’t say that bitches can’t make any decisions about where their body photos go, that I can’t decide what about my body, and so they say something else freedom of action to the other parties involved] “.

* On the cover, Lily James as Pamela Anderson on the set of “Baywatch” in the TV series “Pam & Tommy”

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