In recent months we have followed the case of Pamela Anderson , the Baywatch star who refused to give consent to the TV series Pam & Tommy, inspired by the theft of the famous sex tape shot with her husband Tommy Lee in the 90s.

The actress “responded” to the production, which in any case did not need her authorization to leave, announcing that she has a documentary in the pipeline with Netflix in which she will tell, in addition to her life, the “true story” of the sex tape.

In addition to Pamela Anderson , Madonna, Britney Spears and Evan Rachel Wood have also promised to retrace the story of their lives firsthand, giving their version of facts about scandals and cas, which too often have been amplified or “rearranged” by the media , dragging them into the abyss of gossip without anyone coming to their rescue or caring about their rights.

The biopic on the life of Madonna, of which she herself will be the director

Madonna will also be co-screenwriter of her biopic, and together with the casting director she is directly involved in the auditions, which have already been called “Madonna Bootcamp”, or “training”, due to their very high level of difficulty.

The actresses involved, in fact, including Alexa Demie of Euphoria, Julia Garner of Inventing Anna and Florence Pugh, who is in talks to be in the cast of the second episode of the film Dune alongside Zendaya and Timothée Chalamet, have undergone sessions of Madonna’s choreographies that last up to 11 hours, as well as other meetings in which they have to read the script and rehearse singing together with Miss Ciccone herself.

Madonna was a pop innovator but also an activist who embraced causes such as women’s empowerment , support for the LGBTQ + community and the rejection of wars, including Russia’s recent attack on Ukraine . The mainstream narratives about a star who for 40 years of career has been able to use her visibility to raise awareness of the global population have often not been faithful to her character, even with the best intentions of her.

So Madonna , also for a question of rights (it’s easier if the artist is directly involved), decided to take the helm of the autobiographical film:

“The reason I do it is that so many people have tried to write films about me, but they are still men,” he ironically told Jimmy Fallon’s The Tonight Show.

Britney Spears and the autobiography that tells her truth about conservatorship

A star who in the same period as Pamela Anderson ended up in the eye of the media storm, when there was still no possibility to counter via social media and when female stars were still managed, observed and judged by a predominantly male environment , is Britney Spears .

The gossip storm that hit the Baby One More Time star in 2008 led to the conservatorship, or paternal protection of Britney Spears. For 13 years this legal situation forced the artist to live in a toxic environment, in which he could not make business decisions about tours and collaborations on TV, or even personal ones, such as the free use of the telephone or the choice to have children. , after he lost the custody of those he had with ex-partner Kevin Federline.

By 2021 Britney Spears was finally released from conservatorship, and would have signed a contract of great value to write an autobiography that tells the whole truth about her life. Page Six reports that the agreement has a value of around 15 million dollars, and that it will be the second literary contract of all time, second only to the 2017 one signed with Barack and Michelle Obama, worth 60 million. dollars.

The book will be an opportunity for Britney Spears not only to tell about her life without interference and outside judgments, but also a way to respond to the biography of her younger sister Jamie Lynn, which Britney has declared through various tweets full of falsehoods, and written just to make money by exploiting his name.

Evan Rachel Wood is ready to recount the violence suffered by Marilyn Manson

Evan Rachel Wood, actress of the TV series Westworld , in the 2000s had become particularly talked about for her relationship, made public when she was 19, with the controversial rock star Marilyn Manson , at the time 38 and at the height of her popularity.

Evan Rachel Wood, after the end of the story, began making statements that became more and more specific about her ex, and which eventually resulted in the two-episode HBO documentary Phoenix Rising . On the show, due out in the United States on March 16, 2022, the actress reflects on the accusations she has made against Marilyn Manson .

Evan Rachel Wood, after the relationship with the singer, starting from her experience she became an activist against domestic violence and co-wrote and supported the passage of the Phoenix Act , which extends the statute of limitations for domestic violence crimes in California . The response from Marilyn Manson, real name Brian Warner, did not take long to arrive, who, despite the several witnesses who confirmed her abusive behavior in addition to the actress, recently denounced her for defamation.

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