After Instagram blocked the account of Instagram of Noelia, where she had more than 3.3 million followers, decided to open a new account where she has been showing off her beauty with new content, such as a silver dress that she boasted in a video.

Several Internet personalities, like the beautiful singer, usually have two and even more accounts on Instagram, and she could not be the exception, this one in particular opened it since 2018, the first photo she published was on September 17 of 2018.

On this other Instagram Noelia commented in the main description what happened with her old official account, also mentioning that they could find it on her new digital platform: Celebriffy.

Noelia new official/temporary account, previous account deleted with 3.3M, now you can find me in my Celebriffy account, all my content will be there is free”, commented Noelia.

In the video we meet the beautiful celebrity and businesswoman, she is posing in front of a terrace, inside the room, while she turns her back to the camera to show off her beauties from behind.

The design of the dress is short, almost just below its back charms, the sleeve is long and since it is from the back you cannot see the front, Noelia is also wearing a beautiful pair of silver sneakers with a bracelet.

As is customary in her videos, the pretty blonde usually accompanies her flirtatious images with some musical hits, as this time appears “hitting hard”, belonging to the album with the same name, released by the way in 2000.

Before starting to share new content on this new Instagram account, the “Candela” interpreter had stopped sharing for a while on this account, more specifically on October 26, 2021.

So far there are only 11 posts that she has shared on her account @noeliaofficial1, just 7 days ago Instagram blocked the account of Noelia the famous Latin singer, from the moment her fans realized this, they began to follow her on the alternate account.

As of today she has 199 thousand followers, a figure that has been increasing rapidly for a week, probably when her fans realize that they can see her there, they will begin to follow her again, others simply followed her on Celebriffy where it is more constant with its flirtatious content.

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