Only for fans! For them, they are the best images of the beautiful Mexican actress Aleida Núñez, who once again shone with the advance that she has given her followers on social networks from the couch.

Aleida Nunez decided that the best way to highlight her enormous figure and look like a true goddess would be to pose among only pearls and that is how she has left a mark on her Instagram stories.


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A post shared by Aleida Nuñez OFICIAL (@aleidanunez)

The former actress of La Fea Más Bella wore an outfit very much in the Arab style and that exceeded coquetry since it consisted of two garments made only of pearls and that covered the most essential of the also actress.

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In the photograph that she herself shared, Aleida Núñez posed lying in profile on the brown couch, bending her legs and bringing one of her hands to her head, all this with her eyes closed, showing how much she enjoys her work.

Juan Ferrara’s ex complemented her image with some simple accessories, the most elegant makeup and her loose and completely straightened brown hair, definitely a very elegant and artistic photograph.


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A post shared by Aleida Nuñez OFICIAL (@aleidanunez)

Along with the image, the beautiful Aleida made it clear that she is part and only a taste of what her followers can find by subscribing to her exclusive content page in which she really strives to keep everyone happy.

Some celebrities have received complaints about the content that is uploaded to this type of platform, assuring that it is the same that they share on their social networks; however, this is not the case with the stunning Aleida Nunez.

Núñez has shown to have the talent, charisma and the perfect “touch” to remain in the hearts, minds and tastes of the public not only in Mexico, but also in many places around the world.

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