Karol G in one of her concerts showing off as a young and beautiful schoolgirl who shakes the hearts of more than one.

Karol G made use of her good taste when dressing and her experience of how to have the followers breathless when observing her beauty by showing off with a most original set and that placed her beautiful legs as the center of attention.

Karol G used as her accomplices a fitted blouse with a couple of openings and quite a print in dark colors, which she complemented with a coquettish schoolgirl-style pleated skirt that surely very few will forget.

Karol G was captured on video while affectionately addressing her audience and making it more than clear that she is the “mommy”. The star wore her already famous reddish hair in flirty waves that gave her outfit a special touch.

Carolina is one of the most famous women in recent years in the reggaeton genre, the interpreter has shown herself on several occasions a fan of her countrywoman Shakira with whom she would even like to collaborate, but there are those who assure that Gerad Piqué’s ex is not interested.

Many claimed that the success of Karol G It was just luck, added to her relationship with the also famous Anuel AA, but she has shown that her talent and career goes further and has continued to achieve success even after their separation.

Meanwhile, much was said about the Anuel AA, as he quickly announced her relationship with Yailín, the most viral, also a singer, and many pointed out that it would be confirmation of infidelity on his part.

Later, the couple’s engagement was announced, baby rumors and the marriage arrived; The rumors continue and they have even talked about a possible separation between the singers, while others continue to romanticize the idea that she could return to the arms of the Nena de Medellín.

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