Naim Darrechi blames the Government after the condom controversy

Naim Darrechi blames the Government after the condom controversy

The Balearic Islands will denounce the ‘tiktoker’ for sexual abuse, incitement to violence against women and against their sexual freedom, sexual and reproductive rights

It was clear that controversial statements by the ‘tiktoker’ Naim Darrechi on the channel of the ‘youtuber’ Mostopapi about his “sexual habits” were going to bring a tail.

The influencer confessed that he ejaculated without a condom or consent inside the vagina of the girls with whom he had sex. Later, he deceived them by assuring that he was sterile when the only certainty is that he had is that he had not yet gotten anyone pregnant.

Now, after the barrage of criticism by celebrities, anonymous people and politicians, the influencer has clarified what happened.

One of the most popular responses was that of the Minister of Equality, Irene Montero, who explained that “removing the condom or ejaculating inside without consent is today sexual abuse” and announced that he will report the case to the Prosecutor’s Office.

For its part, The Balearic Islands will also sue Naim Darrechi for sexual abuse by deceiving an undetermined number of women, for inciting violence against women and against their sexual freedom, sexual and reproductive rights and for related crimes that the investigation may reveal.

In this situation, Naim Darrechi has shared his reflections on his Instagram profile. In his stories, he says that “something good always comes out of everything bad” and clarifies that the one who has done “the bad deed” has been him.

However, he questions the criticism after his statements, which have mostly been directed at him. The ‘influencer’ wonders if what he has to do is point out the public figure or the Government “that doesn’t even pay any attention to us” and “they don’t want to realize that we are a means of communication.”

Due to his large audience (more than 26 million followers on TikTok), Darrechi believes that politicians “use us to get votes” and demands that the institutions support the community. Explain that with a “Committee of Influencers” this kind of thing would not happen and he acknowledges that he “screwed up”.

Regarding Irene Montero’s statements, the ‘tiktoker’ considers that “there are issues in which politicians always have to act,” and he has addressed one of them.

However, Naim settles the issue by dropping the possibility that his statements have been made public “so that you (politicians) have my attention and help us once and for all”.

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