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Mike Tyson Says He ‘died’ While Using Psychedelic Toad Venom

Mike Tyson has incredible experience lived beyond death after trying a psychotropic commonly known as toad poison.

Mike Tyson (55) has become in recent hours a true viral phenomenon on the network. The reason, some curious statements granted by the boxer to The New York Post newspaper in which he has come to assure that he passed away and managed to return from death. The most striking thing about this matter has been the way in which Tyson managed to change dimension.

Apparently, and according to his story, the consumption of a drug commonly known as “toad poison” would have caused the death of the athlete for a certain time: “I died during my first trip,” Tyson assured when revealing that he tried this substance for first time four years ago. “In these trips I have seen that death is beautiful.”

But what really is toad poison? It is a strong hallucinogenic substance extracted from the Bufus alvarius toad, a native species of the Mexican desert. Apparently, it is a drug that induces an altered state of consciousness.

As expected, the network has exploded with these statements by Tyson and they have immediately become a true viral phenomenon, since there have been many fans of the boxer who have feared for the integrity of their idol. Many of them even left him for dead, although nothing could be further from the truth.

In the same interview in which the former champion recounted his particular experience, he also gave his vision about life and death: “Life and death must be beautiful, but death has a very bad reputation.” A reflection that contributes after the great teaching that he claims to have received from the animal that provided him with such an impressive trip : “The toad has taught me that I will not be here forever. There is an expiration date.”

Mike Tyson took this experience as a challenge, explained that he was looking for answers at a very difficult time in his life: “I was using heavy drugs like cocaine so I said to myself ‘why not’. This is another dimension because before trying the toad I was a disaster. ” A few words with which he has tried to explain that the toughest opponent he has ever had in life has been himself.

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