The legend of boxing , Mike Tyson , has left a huge legacy, not only sports, but also familiar. The athlete had seven children throughout his life, with five different women.

We cannot deny the moments of glory that the fighter has enjoyed with so many recognitions and victories inside the ring, but he also had to face extremely difficult moments such as the loss of one of his daughters, who left this world with only four years old.

Next, we review who are the children of the two-time heavyweight champion; and their mothers.

Mike Tyson’s firstborn is Mikey Lorna Tyson

The boxer became a father for the first time thanks to Mikey Lorna Tyson in 1990. Currently, the first-born is 30 years old and is the result of his relationship with Kimberly Scarborough.

Mike Tyson and his children with Monica Turner

Monica married Mike on April 19, 1997 in Bethesda, Maryland, United States; and thus became the second wife of the boxer. They had two children: Rayna, in 1996, and Amir, a year later. The couple separated after five years of marriage due to problems of infidelity. The divorce was a millionaire.

Mike Tyson’s fourth son is Miguel León

Miguel was born in 2002 and his mother’s identity is preserved. The young man, currently 18 years old, surprised a while ago with his boxing skills, inherited, promoted and enhanced by his father. Before that, León had shown his fanaticism for golf, but he was not the only talent.

Exodus Tyson, the girl that Mike Tyson will always carry in his heart

In 2005 Exodus Tyson came to the world, the result of the boxer’s relationship with Sol Xochilt. His step was fleeting and left a very deep mark on the heart of the celebrity. Unfortunately, the girl died at the age of four in 2009 in a domestic accident after choking on a rope while playing in her room.

Mike Tyson’s youngest sons are Milan and Morocco

Tyson’s last two children were born from the relationship with Lakiha Spicer: Milan Tyson (2008) and Morocco Tyson (2011). The girl has shown her talent for tennis, while Morocco, at 9, still enjoys her childhood and being the youngest of the family.

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