María Galiana feels trapped in the role of Herminia, the grandmother of Spain, but what she really wants is to be Lady Macbeth. Although if there is something she always wanted to be, it is a teacher. And she got it. The popular actress sits today in Salvados in front of Gonzo to review her personal and professional career, beyond the successful actress known to all.

Galiana tells Gonzo how the same year she retired from teaching, at 65, she won a Goya for Solas . Although he already had several films behind him, such as Belle Epoque . But the actress assures that success and awards do not assure anything: “After winning the Goya I have never played an important leading role again.” Actor Juan Echanove joins the conversation to confirm how little Maria Galiana likes praise or going out to say hello.

The actress will recognize that her true vocation “was always teaching.” She remembers how she graduated in Philosophy and Letters during the dictatorship, and was a teacher for 40 years at various public institutes in Seville. She retired in 2000, shortly after winning the Goya to the surprise of her students, the same year in which her acting career intensified. But she has never stopped claiming the importance of public school. Gonzo shows Galiana various messages from some of her former students. Everyone assures that she was not a conventional teacher: she took them to the movies or the theater, she always sought discussion in class and stimulated critical thinking.

What was it like to graduate in Philosophy and Letters during the dictatorship? How did you combine your work as a teacher with raising your children? The actress will answer some of these questions today in Saved .

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