Through social media, Jung Hoyeon, actress of “The Squid Game”, has expressed her fanaticism for BTS’s V.

In the last week, BTS has caused a stir after each of its members decided to open a personal Instagram account, apart from the one that the group already had collectively and which was managed by HYBE. But this emotion has not only remained in ARMY, also celebrities like Jung Hoyeon , actress of ” The Squid Game “, who proved to be a fan of V.

Less than a week after opening their profiles, all BTS idols have managed to surpass 20 million followers, becoming the users who reached that mark the fastest in the entire history of the social network. However, his experience has not been the best.

And it is that on several occasions on Weverse, singers have expressed how confusing it seems to them to use this platform. However, that has not stopped them from continuing to post content and upload Instagram stories , which have been widely celebrated by ARMY and by colleagues in the medium, such as Jung Hoyeon , the actress from ‘ The Squid Game’.

Actress of ‘The Squid Game’ is a fan of V, the idol of BTS

If we talk about cultural phenomena and internet trends this 2021 we cannot fail to mention ‘Squid Game’, the series originally from South Korea that became one of the most watched Netflix productions in the history of the platform; a success with audiences, just as it happens with every BTS release .

Through this program, diverse acting talents were evidenced on the global scene and one of them was Jung Hoyeon , who captivated the public with her complex character in “The Squid Game”.

The also model began to follow Taehyung on her Instagram account . In fact, we can deduce that the singer of “SIngularity”, who uses the username of @thv , is her favorite because he did not follow any other members of BTS and has not stopped reacting to their posts.

After realizing that, ARMY hasn’t stopped speculating about the intentions behind this interaction of Jung Hoyeon ‘s ” The Squid Game ” with TaeTae. Surely Anyway, as much as we admire a V . Leave us your comments and remember to follow us on our social networks for more information on your favorite artists.

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