María Elvira Salazar is among the 50 most successful women over 50 in the United States, according to the magazine Forbes.

Salazar came to politics after a three-decade career as a journalist for Spanish-language television. She first ran in 2018, positioning the interviews with Fidel Castro and Nicolás Maduro as clashes with corrupt elites.

Although she lost, she achieved a victory in 2020 with the support of President Trump and conservative Cuban-American voters in Miami-Dade County.

The women included in the list were selected from a group of more than 10,000. “50 Over 50 members are founding and leading large-scale companies, leading movements and changing the world.”

“They work in every sector of the American economy – venture capital, education, politics, major league sports and more and, most importantly, they are paying for their success after 50,” wrote Forbes.

“For these dynamic women, getting older is about getting wiser and bolder. Meet the inaugural class of entrepreneurs, leaders and creators who are part of an exciting movement that redefines the second half of life and shows that success has no age limit.”

The Cuban-American congresswoman for Florida’s 27th District is 59 years old and is among the top eight on the list. Also included in the selection of Forbes are: Nancy Pelosi (81), Speaker of the US House of Representatives; Catherine O’Hara (67), Golden Globe-winning actress; Julie Wainwright (64), founder and CEO, The RealReal and Ina Garten (73), chef and TV host.

From her Twitter account, María Elvira Salazar thanked Forbes: “It is the honor of a lifetime to represent my community, the community that welcomed my Cuban exile parents with open arms to the United States.”

In another tweet she wrote: “I was a journalist for 35 years and never would have thought I would be where I am today. Honored for appearing in Forbes. The magazine’s inaugural 50 out of 50 list!”

María Elvira Salazar is one of the Cuban-Americans who from the US speaks out against the dictatorship in Cuba.

Recently she offered her support to Luis Manuel Alcántara, founder of the San Isidro Movement (MSI) who was admitted against his will to the “Calixto García” hospital.

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