Lily Collins and her boyfriend, Charlie McDowell, got married this weekend . The protagonist of Emily in Paris shared the happy news through Instagram, where she published three photos of the big day and some emotional words expressing her joy.

“I never wanted to be someone’s someone as much as I did you, and now I will be your wife. On September 4, 2021 we officially became ‘each other’ forever . I love you to the hereafter, “wrote the actress in the first post dedicated to her lover.

“I was never so happy,” he expressed in another of the photos. “What started as a fairy tale is now my reality forever. I will never be able to properly describe how out of this world this weekend was, but magical is the best word I can find to begin with, ”he added in the last post.

Lilly Collins got married  with Charlie McDowell

Lilly Collins got married with Charlie McDowell

The wedding took place in Dunton, Colorado. The screenwriter and film director also expressed his happiness through social networks. “I married the most generous, thoughtful, and beautiful person I have ever met. I love you, “he wrote on his Instagram account. “I’m very excited to be your wife,” she replied.

Collins, 32, and McDowell, 38 , began dating in 2019, making their relationship official in August of that same year. A series of photos that she uploaded to her social networks while they were in Paris, made the romance between the daughter of musician Phil Collins and the son of actress Mary Steenburgen and actor Malcolm McDowell public.

“My boyfriend came to Paris a couple of times while I was working and we went out for a walk and lost ourselves in the cobblestone streets and in the little alleys. That’s what I miss the most, just losing track of time in an unfamiliar place. Now we always know where we are going, how long we will be there, what time we will return, what we are doing ”, he commented a while ago, recalling the days they spent together in the French capital.

In September 2020 they announced their engagement. “I’ve been waiting my whole life for you and I can’t wait for us to spend our whole lives together,” she wrote at the time when sharing images of the marriage proposal. According to the actress months later, the eight months of quarantine were decisive to take another step in the relationship, since they allowed them to know each other in depth.

Emily’s second season in Paris

While enjoying her first days of marriage, Collins eagerly awaits the premiere of the second season of Emily in Paris , the series from the creator of Sex and the City about an American girl who goes to work in the French capital.

As could be seen in some images leaked at the beginning of 2021, dressed in designs by Chanel, Hermès, Miu Miu, Dolce & Gabbana, Valentino, Louboutin, Kenzo, Vivienne Westwood and Roger Vivier, among other internationally prestigious labels, Collins -o Emily– promises to be the most fashionable girl in fiction again.

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