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10 Inexplicable Things About Sheldon Cooper on ‘Big Bang Theory’

No pop culture character has been analyzed as much as Sheldon Cooper from ‘The Big Bang Theory’. The incredibly talented theoretical physicist who wins a Nobel Prize has been one of the most interesting characters on the sitcom, but also the weirdest. Here are 10 inexplicable things we’ve seen him do.

1. Does not understand sarcasm
leonard, priya and sheldon in the big bang theory season 4

Sheldon is one of the most talented scientists in North America, hence the Nobel Prize. How can such a sharp physique not understand the basics of humor and sarcasm?

2. Your finances
the big bang theory final sheldon cooper jim parsons

Something that doesn’t fit the fans is that Sheldon seems to have saved quite a bit of money. In fact, his usual state is to stay at home without spending. And the gifts he wants says not to be invented yet. Why then have we heard you say that if you could pay for your apartment alone you would never have taken in a roommate?

3. His relationship with Amy
the big bang theory sheldon amy

Sheldon and Amy, like all couples, go from complicated to easy as they get to know each other. But there are too many inconsistencies in its dynamics. With how complicated he is, how is it possible for their relationship to improve so fast? Considering Sheldon’s serious anxiety and social issues in letting people into his life, the evolution of their relationship in just a few years just doesn’t make sense.

4. His long free times
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It may be a basic mistake by the creators, but no physicist can have as much free time as Sheldon and Leonard seem to have.

5. Your way of finishing a study
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Remember the nasty trick Leonard and the boys played on Sheldon when they were at the North Pole studying the magnetic poles? This is a study that, as Sheldon claims, could have earned Sheldon a Nobel Prize, so the stakes were high. Why didn’t you repeat the data maniac like he is?

6. His germophobia
Sheldon Cooper

Sheldon worries a lot about his germophobia in the early seasons. However, this supposed disease almost disappears in later episodes. Shouldn’t you always be on the alert and not just when the plot suits you? Moreover, washing hands after touching something or someone or disinfecting everything are common mechanisms of action in these cases. And Sheldon doesn’t even wash his hands after he gets home and sits down to dinner.

7. His love for Internet Explorer
the big bang theory theories

You use it to browse Facebook and it happens to be the worst browser for social media. Let’s see, aren’t you a physicist?

8. Your ignorance in many things
the big bang theory

For someone who is perhaps one of the smartest men in America, Sheldon is surprisingly ignorant about basic issues like race, culture, and history.

9. Why was he never taken to therapy?
sheldon bazinga

Sheldon doesn’t have much respect for therapy, as he insults Leonard when he tries to be his therapist to help him with his stage phobia. But considering how much Sheldon accomplished under peer pressure, it’s strange that none of his friends would have Sheldon go to therapy to deal with his many issues with intimacy, obsessive-compulsive disorders, and self-exaltation. Including Amy, who as a neurobiologist should well know the biological roots of many of her partner’s behaviors.

10. He never mentions his childhood friends
renewed series canceled

The Young Sheldon spin-off may not always have been planned, but after we started this series we realized that Sheldon’s childhood, while difficult, was not as lonely as he had told his adult friends. It’s strange that Sheldon never mentions any of these young friends. Not even when the series was on air. Couldn’t they have thought of a cameo?

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