Karina turns 75, disappointed in love

Karina turns 75, disappointed in love

On December 4 the singer Karina turns 75. She will celebrate them with her daughters and grandchildren, the great loves of her life, because the interpreter of “The arrows of love” has not had a partner for almost two decades, so she confesses that she is disappointed in love and that she does not want to new men by her side.

In her sentimental résumé, or in the “Baúl de los memoria”, the title of one of her most iconic songs, there are old loves such as Tony Luz, Carlos Díaz, the popular hairdresser Juan Miguel, Domingo Terroba, Miguel Leon. None of them managed to accompany her in her life journey to old age.

But now, Karina lives quietly, and practically retired, very close to one of her daughters and two of her grandchildren.

Her day-to-day life is very normal and passes between walks around her house, resides in a small apartment, going shopping, enjoying his grandchildren, connecting on social networks with her followers, whom she calls “Kariners”, and conceiving new professional projects, such as a farewell tour for 2022.

Her last contribution to the world of music was a topic dedicated to the use of masks in times of the coronavirus pandemic.

Also, this year, she marks half a century of her participation in the Eurovision Song Contest. It was in Dublin and she came in second place with the song “En un mundo nuevo”, a song that swept the charts in Spain.

Another of her hits, “The arrows of love”, did not hit the middle of her heart. As we say, in the field of feelings has not been too lucky. In some cases it is better to be alone than in bad company.

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