Two women marked the youth of the King Juan Carlos before meeting the one who would be his wife, the princess Sofia from Greece. These women were Countess Olghina de Robilant and Princess María Gabriela de Saboya. Today, Felipe VI’s father says goodbye to one of them.

Olghina de Robilant has died at the age of 87 in the Italian town of Como, where she had lived for some time. In Spain, she is especially known for being the youthful love of the then Count of Barcelona, ​​and one of the most prominent faces of Italian high society.

She was an actress and had romances with leading figures in the cinema of the time such as Tony Curtis, Alain Delon, Ernest Hemingway or Truman Capote.

Nevertheless, Don Juan Carlos was her first great love. Don Juan Carlos and Oghina met in Portugal in the summer of 1956. The two families resided in the neighboring country and despite the age difference that existed between the two, the crush immediately arose.

She revealed it herself in an interview with “El País” in 2014: “I fell in love like a schoolgirl. It was a happy and friendly relationship, without compromises,” she stressed then.

But the Emeritus had to go to the military and the distance ended the couple, despite the fact that they were in correspondence for a while:

“You know that I am in love with you like no other girl until today. But you also know that, unfortunately, I cannot marry you. Having, therefore, choose, I think Gabriela is the most convenient”, sentenced the father of Felipe VI.

However, neither Gabriela nor OIghina managed to overcome the numerous filters that the then Prince of Asturias had to face, who finally married Princess Sofia of Greece.

Olghina went to Rome to live, and at the age of 25 she had her first daughter, Paola, whom she never led to reveal the identity of her father, although she was “a married Roman with children.”

She later married the painter Antonello Aglioti, father of her second daughter, Valentina, although the couple separated before the birth.

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